Charlie Lofgren

There is only one way to begin the story of the Sharpie Marker, and that is to introduce Mr. Charles W Lofgren  He was addressed as Mr. Lofgren, or sometimes "Chuck" by the employees of Sanford Ink Company, aka Sanford Corporation.  My colleagues and I at some point began calling him "Charlie" among ouselves.  Charles Lofgren was presiding over the fortunes of the Sanford Ink Company when I joined the firm in 1965, and was still presiding over it with the new name of Sanford Corporation when I left Sanford employment in 1979. There was another Charlie who was a husband, father, grandfather and very much a family man. But as Charlie would remind me whenever I erred by trying to turn our conversation to his personal life, Charlie Lofgren the family man stayed at home when Charlie the businessman went to work, and the President of the company stayed at work when Charlie the family man went home.