Available Products

The same chemist that developed the Sharpie Ink formulas over 50 years ago is still at work.  Here in the Sharpie Shop, and nowhere else, you can now order your own Green Eathing Mat.  Made with natural cowhide leather and Bill Green's own pure silver ink, this earthing mat contains no chemical or plastics that are unacceptable for the environmentally conscious.  The elecrical path to mother earth on this product allows minimal resistance, with the path to the grounding cord in the onm range while carbon loaded mats have resistance in the kilo and meg ohm range.  The path to the ground is consistent from anywhere on the mat, while carbon loaded mats have more and more resistance as you move away from the edge of the pad with the grounding cord.  


For a 20" x 60" Green Eatthing Mat pleae send a check or money order to Green Eloectronics at Dwight Illinois for $200 with your shipping instructions.