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  • Vera Dralle (Friday, February 14 14 08:43 am EST)

    What a great idea, Bill. I started Sanford in June of '66 when Sharpie was still new. Thanks for the memories.

  • Jill Zmachinski (Thursday, February 13 14 12:34 pm EST)

    I started at Sanford in 1981 and am a sales rep in NY/NJ. I am still motivated by Chuck Lofgren to this day! I LOVE Sharpie and I am making sample kits for the 50th anniversary that contain all the
    versions of original Sharpie. I have LOTS of Sanford stories over the 33 years I have been employed!

  • Jessica Lofgren Bedway (Tuesday, February 11 14 01:22 pm EST)

    I enjoyed reading everything! Charlie was my grandpa and I spent my high school and college summers working at Sanford. You triggered many good memories, thank you! Jessica Lofgren Bedway

  • Chuck Kuecker (Wednesday, January 29 14 07:22 am EST)

    Nice website - hate the "capcha", though...

  • barbara polk (Tuesday, January 28 14 11:01 pm EST)

    It sounds interesting, Bill.
    I will definitely read them.

  • Pharma996 (Monday, January 27 14 10:44 am EST)

    Very nice site!